Wednesday, 2 December 2009

On my coffee table: Wedding Bible

On Sunday we got the champagne glasses out and celebrated one year of being engaged! How time flies...and less than 7 months to go!

After the initial excitement and thoughts about our ideal wedding, the actual planning soon kicked in, and has been non-stop since February. A lot has been achieved, from booking our venue to practicing making buttonhole flowers. And there's still loads to do yet...

The planning has been easier by reading wedding magazines (not to mention help from Mum!), but also I've found Sarah Haywood's Wedding Bible so useful.

Haywood gives advice and tips for most (if not all) aspects in preparing for your big day. Tips on narrowing down your ideas in the inital stages, through to a 'checklist' for your wedding day - she's got it covered. On a budget? - that's covered too.

The best thing is that the book is from an English point of view, so I could easily relate to it. Try Amazon for a reduced price on this book and you won't look back. I hear the Wedding Planner is also really useful.

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