Sunday, 19 July 2009

Engagement day

For my boyfriend's 30th Birthday last November we planned a trip to New York City, also to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. Little did I know he had a wonderful surprise in store for me!...

We arrived in time to spend Thanksgiving with our New York friends which was lots of fun. On the Saturday they took us on a walking tour from Downtown to Uptown. Along the way we tried to get the perfect photo angle of the Flatiron; stopped for yummy cookies at City Bakery; and peered up at the iconic Empire State Building.

In the afternoon we watched iceskaters in a very festive scene outside the Rockefeller Centre, then when I heard that Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture was a few blocks away, I insisted we see it, totally oblivious to my boyfriend's plan to get me to Top of the Rock for sunset...

When we finally made it we were impressed by the breathtaking views of Manhattan all lit up. The warm colours of the sun setting and the glow of the Empire State Building was especially stunning. This was the moment he chose to surprise me! He started by saying there was a reason he wanted to bring me to New York and to this spot, then he romantically got down on one knee (amongst a crowd of tourists no less!) and asked if I would marry him - and I gasped 'Yes!'

I was so over the moon tears started rolling! He felt relieved that it was a success and told me how he'd called my Dad the day before to ask for permission, which made me cry even more! We were in a happy daze while a Rockefeller photographer captured the moment...

Afterwards we headed back to our friends place on Lower East Side where they congratulated us with a chilled bottle of Moet & Chandon (thanks guys!) - which we drank with blueberries from our Top of the Rock souvenir champagne flutes.

We continued the celebrations with cocktails and an exquisite dinner at Buddakan (the restaurant for Carrie and Big's rehearsal dinner in the Sex and the City movie!).

The next day we called our nearest and dearest to tell them the great news (well worth the cost of long distance calls!). A few days later when we landed back at Heathrow, I was still grinning - it was wonderful to be arriving home with a fiance.

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  1. Love hearing about your romantic proposal all over again, and the pics are pretty cool too. Good luck with all your wedding plans, look forward to hearing all about it! xx